About Us

The website yo-yo.eu is an interactive site, which allows the user to participate in prize draws of various goods and services with discounts ranging from 10% to 100% from the seller of goods or services.

The website yo-yo.eu is accessible only from a mobile phone or a tablet; you cannot log in to it using a desktop or a laptop PC. In order to register on yo-yo.eu to participate in prize draws, the user must go to yo-yo.eu and log in via Facebook or make another registration, if possible. The website yo-yo.eu offers free registration and the use of yo-yo.eu requires no payment for the participation in prize draws.

The number of tickets for each day (day = 24 hours) is limited. The top part of the website yo-yo.eu contains information on the number of remaining tickets for the current day. The number of unused tickets is not summed up daily, i.e. if the user has not used his/her attempts today, then tomorrow the number of tickets will be equal to the number of tickets of the current day. Updating the page with a prize draw ticket is equal to using such a prize draw ticket. All winnings of a user are fixed on the website yo-yo.eu in the section WINNING HISTORY.

If you have reasonable complaints about the prize draws, sellers or other questions, please contact us and send a description of the problem at: info@yo-yo.eu

In case you want to use the site for commercial purposes, please go to the section: info@yo-yo.eu